Thursday, July 24

I think I can swim . . . I think I can't. . . .

Today was our last day of swimming lessons. After two weeks of lessons, I'd say Jayce can pretty much swim. Brandt on the other hand . . . he's getting closer. Hopefully next year he'll be a little more daring. On the last day Jayce jumped of the diving board. After he did it once, he wanted to do it over and over. Good job boys!

Tuesday, July 22

Our Family Vacation . . .

We just returned from a great family vacation in Utah. I know, nowhere too exciting but we love it everytime we go. We usually always stay with Jill and Scott and they have this AWESOME rec center right by their house. As you can see, my kids LOVE IT! That's basically all they want to do the whole time we're there.

This is the play center they have inside . . .

Then you go out side and they have this . . .

Dane loved the slide.

At one end of the pool you could play basketball. Jayce was into it but Brandt pretty much hung out where it was safe.

Jayce and Brandt enjoyed playing with Nick . . .

While Dane enjoyed flirting with Jadie . . .

Then we headed up to Chris and Nancy's to help celebrate Chris's big 40th. Papa Dee came out in his favorite outfit to do a little dance and sing a little song.

Then we enjoyed some real dancers . . .

(ok, notice those beautiful green trees . . . yah that's their backyard. that's utah for you)

And some not so real dancers . . .

Happy Birthday Chris. Thanks for letting us be a part of your celebration!

Friday, July 4

Fourth of July

The 4th was pretty quiet for us. We had my parents out for the weekend and since my boys freak out at the sound of fireworks, we just hung out at home and played with grandma and grandpa. We also enjoyed some yummy cupcakes grandma made.

Saturday, June 7

My baby is 2

It was a quiet birthday for Dane. We just had grandpa out and had a fun day playing in the water with Jayce and Brandt.

And of course, a birthday just isn't a birthday without some cake.

It was actually a really fun day with just the family. Dane brings so much laughter and screaming into our home all at the same time :) There's never a dull moment. We love you Daners!

Friday, May 9

The Good Ole Days

A couple of weeks ago Stacy was in town so I got the original HB roomies together out at my place for dinner. When I first moved out to Huntington Beach, 10+ years ago, these were my roommates. Kay is now on baby #6, Kim has 3 and Stacy has finally found Mr. Right and is getting married in November. It was so much fun to get together and just chat. Thanks for coming out girls.

Friday, May 2

Turtles and not candy turtles . . .

We went down to Cerritos to visit Grandma Janice & Papa David and they have pet turtles. Seriously. who really has turtles for pets? They must be at least 40 years old and going strong. Jayce and Dane enjoyed feeding them, Brandt wanted nothing to do with them.

Friday, April 4

Run Jayce Run

Jayce had his first Jog-A-Thon at school today. He did great. I thought for sure after lap three he'd be over it but he kept going to finish nine laps.

Tuesday, March 25

Easter at Grandma's & Grandpa's

Since Dane & I flew in late Saturday night from Utah we decided to just stay at my parents and then Jerry & the boys would join us after church for dinner and Easter activities. We do an "Easter Egg Bashing" contest and due to lack of participants, Brandt took home the trophy. Brandt was excited, Jayce . . . not so much. He won last year but has a hard time losing. And then of course an Easter egg hunt. Always a good time at Grandma & Grandpa's.

Trip to Utah

Dane and I enjoyed a nice little vacation to Utah. Holly, my old roommate, was getting married so since Dane still flies free I thought sure I'll take him with me. We had a great time. It was so much fun to see Holly & Trisha . . . it had been a long time. We stayed will Jill and that's always a blast. We were also able to visit Nate & Bri in there new home in Eagle Mountain (we miss you in Cali).

Sunday, March 16

Vacation in Arizona

We just got back from a fun weekend in Arizona. We've always wanted to go up for Spring Training and this year we finally did it. It was great! Since we had never been before, there were a few things we learned the hard way. We learned not to wait till the last minute to buy tickets because you'll end up with none and buying them off the street. Which is what we had to do to see a game. Yeah, we got ripped but it was worth every penny. The boys loved it!!

Brandt was all decked out in his Angels gear and loved wearing the back pack. He was one of their biggest cheer leaders. He would just keep yelling, "Go Angles", "Come on Vladi hit a home run over da fence." It was hilarious.

Ok, so maybe Dane couldn't verbally be the best cheer leader but he was right in there clapping everytime someone else was clapping. It was so fun to watch.

Since we missed the game on Friday we were able to walk around the Angels stadium and check everything out. We think the boys might have enjoyed that better than the actual game.

We were also able to spend time with my sister and her family and as you can see, Jayce and Brandt could not get enough of uncle Greg.

Black Eyed Brandt

Nothing like a Wal Mart trip gone bad. No sooner did I turn to grab something off the shelf and I turn back to find Brandt tripping over his flip flop going face down to hit the front bar of the cart. It was bad! Instantly his eye got big and ugly. He was so sweet about. He would say, "mommy, it doesn't hurt it just looks bad."

Monday, March 3

One isn't enough . . .

Classic isn't it. Just when you think, "can't you take that thing out of your mouth," he sticks another one in. It was a laughing moment for everyone.

His new best friend . . .

Jerry's mom showed up over Christmas with his guitar from when he was a kid. Brandt can't get enough of it. We were watching a Daughtry concert and Brandt says, "dad, pause it, I gotta get my guitar." Not to mention every time he hears the song Home, he can't sing it loud enough.

Monday, February 25

Here goes nothing . . . .

Well I'm not sure if I'm into this blogging stuff but I do know I enjoy looking at others. I think it's great for keeping in touch with friends and family and a good way to journal (which I know I don't do enough of). Here is a family picture from last year. We would have had a new one this year but thanks to Jerry tearing his ACL, it didn't happen. Jayce is now 5, Brandt is 4, and Dane is 20months.

Thursday, February 7

A New Era

this is me starting my blog. I am trying something new so bare with me. Thanks.