Tuesday, May 26

Preschool Fun

Brandt loves preschool. And as we know, preschool does fun things. So today Brandt had crazy hair day and he wanted his hair crazy. At the time we didn't have colored hair spray but we had gel and regular hair spray . . . he loved it.

But what he really would have liked to do was this . . .

Saturday, May 23

AA Yankees

Jayce had an amazing season with the Yankees. He ended up playing on a AA team with 7,8, and 9 year olds when he's only 6. His coach Dave was also his fall ball coach and we felt like he would learn so much more being on his team. Me being his mom, I was a little nervous. He ranges on the smaller side for a 6 year old. After his first practice Jerry and I were more than pleased at how warm and welcoming the team was to him. He got out there and made plays and just fit right in. Jayce was always "baseball ready" and ready to make a play.

Here is Jayce making his last hit at his last game of the season. Go Jayce!!!

Friday, May 15

Fathers and Sons

This is the time of year that every mother with boys dreams of. Dad gets to take the boys and go camping. I'm not a fan of being home alone so I would just rather have them here but . . . they love it and it's a nice break. It's always exiting the day of because it's time to get everything ready and go get treats (junk food) to take with them. They usually don't get much sleep and come home smelly and dirty.

They always enjoy roasting marshmallows but aren't into the whole s'more thing.

When I say messy . . . this is only the beginning and he is by far our messiest boy. Not to mention, quite the character.

Another great camping trip to remember.

Thursday, May 7

T Ball Angels

Brandt just got finished playing T-ball for the Angels and absolutely loved it! He never wanted to miss a practice or a game. He was a great player and always loved to play anywhere close to the pitchers mound or first base. Every game he would say, "mom we won." Yah, there is no keeping score in T-ball so they were always winners. Way to go Brandt!!