Friday, May 9

The Good Ole Days

A couple of weeks ago Stacy was in town so I got the original HB roomies together out at my place for dinner. When I first moved out to Huntington Beach, 10+ years ago, these were my roommates. Kay is now on baby #6, Kim has 3 and Stacy has finally found Mr. Right and is getting married in November. It was so much fun to get together and just chat. Thanks for coming out girls.

Friday, May 2

Turtles and not candy turtles . . .

We went down to Cerritos to visit Grandma Janice & Papa David and they have pet turtles. Seriously. who really has turtles for pets? They must be at least 40 years old and going strong. Jayce and Dane enjoyed feeding them, Brandt wanted nothing to do with them.