Friday, May 15

Fathers and Sons

This is the time of year that every mother with boys dreams of. Dad gets to take the boys and go camping. I'm not a fan of being home alone so I would just rather have them here but . . . they love it and it's a nice break. It's always exiting the day of because it's time to get everything ready and go get treats (junk food) to take with them. They usually don't get much sleep and come home smelly and dirty.

They always enjoy roasting marshmallows but aren't into the whole s'more thing.

When I say messy . . . this is only the beginning and he is by far our messiest boy. Not to mention, quite the character.

Another great camping trip to remember.


Jessica said...

John took the boys this year for the first time and they LOVED it. I wish they had a fathers and sons once a quarter... it's great.

Hey, i can't find your email... will you send it to me? I want to add you.

Stirling's said...

What's up with headlamps??? Those things are cool!

Jamie said...

My boys love father-son campout. All the junk food they can eat...not to mention never having to go to bed. Aren't dads great.

Norma said...

looks almost as fun as girls camp!