Saturday, May 23

AA Yankees

Jayce had an amazing season with the Yankees. He ended up playing on a AA team with 7,8, and 9 year olds when he's only 6. His coach Dave was also his fall ball coach and we felt like he would learn so much more being on his team. Me being his mom, I was a little nervous. He ranges on the smaller side for a 6 year old. After his first practice Jerry and I were more than pleased at how warm and welcoming the team was to him. He got out there and made plays and just fit right in. Jayce was always "baseball ready" and ready to make a play.

Here is Jayce making his last hit at his last game of the season. Go Jayce!!!


Stirling's said...

I love that pic of him catching the grounder! So cool! (i wanted to say cute but that just isn't cool!)

Norma said...

Nice job Jayce!

Suzanne said...

How cool- I didn't know he was playing with the older boys. Love the video!!